Waste paper Recycling Association

About WPRA

WPRA is India’s first and only representative body of
Indentors and waste paper importers.


Formed to protect, serve and represent our members who import waste paper from India with fairness with ethics at our core.



Our Indenting members work together as one to find common ground with shipping lines, port authorities and Government bodies.


When we come together, we can make things better for each one of us. Join our cause and we will achieve more than we ever did individually. This Association begins with you!

Mr. Devang Vora

Due to COVID-19 scenario, the Committee election and appointment has been re-scheduled for the month of June 2020. All members will receive a circular for the same.

Mr. Devang Vora

What we care about

Our short term goals


Collective bargaining

Fill the gaps of price disparity and opportunistic pricing from service providers.


GST & Import duties

Liaise with Government on administrative hurdles and refund woes.


Financial aid

Provide support to members financially for business operations using our network.


Protest unfair business practices

Shipping lines and ancillaries at times have a monopolistic approach. We aim to unite as one against such corporations.


Ease shipping woes

Issues faced by Members from port authorities and Bankers for hassle-free importing of waste paper into India.